Total Solution Trust

Total Solution Trust

What we have learned about credit while growing up was only how to use our credit to buy ‘stuff,’ to create debt, then we had to work extra hours to pay it off. We were indoctrinated to get a good education, get a job, put our money in the bank, buy consumer goods from public and private corporations, and pay interest and taxes.  But NEVER were we taught how to use credit for our advancement; but and this notion was NEVER considered! 

The system sets us up to fail by encouraging us to take on massive student loans for educations that many times cannot begin to chip away at the debt. What an awful way to start out in life!

There is so much more to know about your credit, your credit profile, and your rights as a Consumer under federal law. Lauren Dulgheru, The Solutionist, will help you uncover and overstand the rules of the credit game, the players, and the processes.  You will learn to be a CREDIT ROCKSTAR so that you and your family can finally win.

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