Camp Gladiator


Camp Gladiator is the nation’s largest outdoor adult fitness company and we currently have over 70 locations in the greater Orlando area, as well as 2,000 locations throughout the nation. Founded as a Christian company, our mission is to “positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.” All of our partner trainers are certified in personal training, as well as CPR, and are insured through Camp Gladiator to protect all parties. Camp Gladiator has been in business for over nine years and is the nation’s fastest growing fitness movement. We hold our fitness boot camps in community parks and parking lots of businesses, churches and schools. I am excited to share my passion for Camp Gladiator with the residents of Doctor Phillips! I know you’re probably incredibly busy but but I’d love to share with you our amazing fitness program and the best way to see how it all began is to watch this short video clip.

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Categories: Health/ Fitness